July 6, 2010

Finally...I have a name!

I have been thinking about creating a blog for some time now. I would bake/create something and want to share it, but I had a few issues slowing me down. The toughest part of creating my blog...finding a name! I wonder if a lot of people struggle with this. Everything I liked was taken or kind of awful. I bounced ideas off my hubby and they were either taken by another clever blogger, added to a list of possibilities or flat out rejected. I finally created a title that I liked, was actually available and voila, here I am in creative blog world. I guess I feel like there is a community out there with the same interests, curiosity and passion as me and I want to join. I want to be active, discuss, share, learn, inspire and be inspired (cheesy, I know!). Anyway, here goes...

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