About Me

My name is Johanna and I like to bake. I also like photography and wanted to use this as an alternative outlet for for that as well. I have a photography business in Phoenix, AZ. I take pictures of people (which I Love), but at times I find myself falling into a creative rut. So I thought, since I bake a lot and I like to photograph what I bake, it'd be a good way to share and communicate with fellow baking bloggers. I have the absolute worst sweet tooth of anyone I know. It's a constant battle. My husband swears he never used to crave dessert. Maybe I've converted him? Then again, who doesn't like dessert? I adore the process of baking. I respect the "science" of it, but I also like to be creative with it. When I use a recipe, I usually follow the recipe exactly as stated on my first round, then make adjustments on the next few attempts if I want. It's fun and I love it!

My pro website is www.asophisticatedview.com. This is my first personal blog and I'm stoked to update it and see where it takes me. :)